The beginning of the purposedrivenmomdotnet

I am just so excited to start this blog. I know this is a new beginning for me and my family. I am the type of person that is purpose driven by different things and I am trying to instill these same things into my 2 boys. My 2 boys are teaching me new things daily and pushing me to be a better person. I believe with anything there should be purpose. I am sure there are people that think differently than myself.  I am a rational person, a thinker if you will. I feel that with life we should live with purpose. A purpose of health, happiness, spiritual growth, dreams and success in what ever we do. I feel if one does something they should take pride in it and do it to the best of their ability. I want this blog to be one of help for families to keep things in a purpose driven manner with info on keeping our families on track with good practices and all the likes that go along with it. I hope to share good recipes on here, good health tips, and over all good practices for all aspects of our family lives. I hope that others like me join in on following good practices for our families. I hope to see self growth in myself and my family as we blog about our trials and successes in our daily lives. I hope to receive feed back on good topics and your daily routines as well.

I hope to engage with other people self driven and motivated by success in their daily activities for themselves and their families. I know this blog will flow nicely along with my lifestyle. I am excited to get this going.

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