How do driven parents survive

As parents that like set schedules how do we balance unexpected changes in our daily routine….you know the ones…the school calls  and your little one is sick….the pipe breaks in the kitchen and floods it….etc

the scheduled parent has their day all mapped out right…. do you just panic and let it all take you over or do you  get cranky and let it ruin the day?

How do we balance these issues when we are so driven to stick to our daily plan?

I personally have battled with it in different ways. Some good and some not so good reactions. The older I get and the longer I live with my amazingly cool, calm and collected husband I have learned to just suck it up and roll with it ….now on the inside I am still in panic mode on how I will get everything on my list accomplished…..that is the driven side of me sticking out, but we cant help those things out of our control. No matter how much I personally would love to…lol

What are some of the tactics that you have learned to use to cope with unexpected daily interruptions.

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