2 parents that work from home

I truly believe that it is such a blessing that both myself and my husband get to work from our home. This gives us the ability to not miss the kids functions. It always makes me question the parents that don’t have the ability to do such a thing. They are stuck at the office or work and miss so many of their children ‘s functions. Really they miss so much time in general  with their children. I can say that the past 2 years of being home with my boys has been such a blessing. I feel that I know my children better in so many ways. If for some reason one of us makes plans and the boys  hear us chatting about it the first question is are you gonna be at my game, rodeo or what ever the function is….the answer is always we will be there…you come first! It goes to show you that parents with the mind set of we can do this… make it happen.

I worked at a day job for 11 years and always had to miss so much. I was made to feel guilty if my kids were sick and if I  could not come into work, or if I wanted to take a day off to go to one of their rodeos. I used to sit in my office and dream of ways to get out of those chains. So when the opportunity showed up I ran with it. My good fortune and hard work have proved good enough to bring my husband home and now he is pursuing more of his dreams as well as getting to be a part of his kids lives. Did you know 1 in 5 people work from home now? I know this number will continue to grow in time, probably quicker than most people realize.

I ran into a old co-worker yesterday and he wanted to know if I missed my old job? Well I can tell you I said absolutely not as I sat with my two boys at my side. I am learning that family time is so important and so precious. I would encourage any parent or non parent if they get presented with an opportunity to get to work for themselves at home then do it! Its one of the most rewarding things ever.

How do driven parents survive

As parents that like set schedules how do we balance unexpected changes in our daily routine….you know the ones…the school calls  and your little one is sick….the pipe breaks in the kitchen and floods it….etc

the scheduled parent has their day all mapped out right…. do you just panic and let it all take you over or do you  get cranky and let it ruin the day?

How do we balance these issues when we are so driven to stick to our daily plan?

I personally have battled with it in different ways. Some good and some not so good reactions. The older I get and the longer I live with my amazingly cool, calm and collected husband I have learned to just suck it up and roll with it ….now on the inside I am still in panic mode on how I will get everything on my list accomplished…..that is the driven side of me sticking out, but we cant help those things out of our control. No matter how much I personally would love to…lol

What are some of the tactics that you have learned to use to cope with unexpected daily interruptions.

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The beginning of the purposedrivenmomdotnet

I am just so excited to start this blog. I know this is a new beginning for me and my family. I am the type of person that is purpose driven by different things and I am trying to instill these same things into my 2 boys. My 2 boys are teaching me new things daily and pushing me to be a better person. I believe with anything there should be purpose. I am sure there are people that think differently than myself.  I am a rational person, a thinker if you will. I feel that with life we should live with purpose. A purpose of health, happiness, spiritual growth, dreams and success in what ever we do. I feel if one does something they should take pride in it and do it to the best of their ability. I want this blog to be one of help for families to keep things in a purpose driven manner with info on keeping our families on track with good practices and all the likes that go along with it. I hope to share good recipes on here, good health tips, and over all good practices for all aspects of our family lives. I hope that others like me join in on following good practices for our families. I hope to see self growth in myself and my family as we blog about our trials and successes in our daily lives. I hope to receive feed back on good topics and your daily routines as well.

I hope to engage with other people self driven and motivated by success in their daily activities for themselves and their families. I know this blog will flow nicely along with my lifestyle. I am excited to get this going.